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A New Flag:

Proposed New Design: "Stylised Silver Fern"
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The design and selection of a new flag for New Zealand can really only follow a referendum where New Zealanders vote for change. At that point, it would be appropriate for an independent body of prominent New Zealanders, representing a cross section of our society, be appointed to select the design for the new flag. Recognising this, we have in the meantime designed an alternative flag, principally with the objective of stimulating debate, but also to illustrate one example of how the country could move to a more representative and inspirational design for its flag.

Lloyd Morrison worked with Cameron Sanders, from Cato Partners, to come up with a new design for the flag. Many many symbols of New Zealand were considered (the kiwi; the Southern Cross; the koru, for example) before the silver fern was chosen. In our view the silver fern is the strongest and most representative symbol of all New Zealanders. While it has strong representation as a sports symbol it has been widely used in many ways historically. The colours black and white were chosen for their powerful simplicity and their connection with and roots in New Zealand. We believe they are contemporary colours and in the context of world flags would give the New Zealand flag great distinction. Above all, we sought simplicity in the design of the fern, drawing on the efficacy of the simple design of such great flags as those of Switzerland, Japan and Canada.

In our view the end design is a very simple yet dynamic representation of the silver fern, in the strong colours the country identifies with - black and white. We believe it is capable of inspiring.

New Flag Usage Guide

Please download the following PDF document for guidelines on using our Flag design (for non-commercial purposes).

  NZ Flag Usage Guidelines PDF (300kb)

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