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Change the NZ Flag

This is the site of the NZFlag.com Trust - a Trust established to promote debate about New Zealand's national identity and, in particular, about New Zealand's flag. We believe that the time has come for New Zealanders to choose a flag which represents New Zealanders as we see ourselves today - to respect and reflect our history as a nation, to represent us to others as we would we would like them to see us and, importantly, to carry us forward with our hopes and aspirations for New Zealand's future.

Why Change?

Mark Weldon, Chief Executive, NZX
New Zealand is a great country. No-one should ever apologise for being a New Zealander, or for anything associated with it. In fact, quite the opposite. New Zealanders should be jumping up and down about how great it is here.

While our current flag has been around for some historic moments and times of great tragedy, going forward it just doesn't cut it. Who aspires to be British? Australian? None of us. We need a flag that represents how unique we are, and how distinctive we can be when we put our minds to it.

We need a flag we are proud to wave in the world's face - one that truly represents the spirit of this strong, independent and distinctive country.

When we think of our greatest moments and greatest pride it is in people, and in stories. It is not in our flag, and our flag does not represent or symbolise those feelings. I think of it as a placeholder until we get something that rings deeply true.

Our athletes and rugby players do not tattoo the flag on their chests, they tattoo the fern. This is the place to start, with a symbol that Kiwis already have adopted by choice, and rally around. It may be the whole flag, or part of one, it may be small or big. I don't know, and I am not an artist so can't even begin to think about how to design one. But there will be fantastically talented New Zealanders who can, and, I am sure, will come up with the right design that rings true.

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It's time to change our flag

This site is intended to stimulate debate about the New Zealand Flag. We want all New Zealanders to ask whether the current flag represents our country as we see ourselves today? Can we improve it? Does it portray the image we want to give of New Zealand internationally? Most importantly, does it inspire us?

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