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Change the NZ Flag

This is the site of the NZFlag.com Trust - a Trust established to promote debate about New Zealand's national identity and, in particular, about New Zealand's flag. We believe that the time has come for New Zealanders to choose a flag which represents New Zealanders as we see ourselves today - to respect and reflect our history as a nation, to represent us to others as we would we would like them to see us and, importantly, to carry us forward with our hopes and aspirations for New Zealand's future.

Why Change?

Jeff Kennedy, Managing Director, Caffe L'affare
NATIONALISM - POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL BELIEFS: A BRAND, A FLAG After the First World War the English and her Allies punished Germany as criminals so hard that a criminal political system was allowed to flourish. Arguably the most powerful image ever transferred to a flag, the Swastika, branded perfectly Germany's aspirations and goals. Many flags incorporate eagles, lions or colours representing sky, land, sea or even blood. Our flag is representative of the British Empire and some stars. We have changed. England sacrificed our big strong lads at Gallipoli to create a diversion drawing the enemy away from the arena further down the coast. It was our delusion that we were in fact fighting to protect our families, our mates and our/their King. That was then. England no longer relies on our efforts to fuel their growth and grow their wealth and we in turn no longer rely on her to provide for us in our growth and provide us with protection from our enemies - real or imagined. Our flag must represent and symbolise our status as a young, free, strong, proud and independent nation. A Don Binney painting incorporating sea, hills and sky with a chirpy chubby bird? A kiwi that is shy, uncompetitive and halfway to extinction? A plant that wins and loses The Americas Cup? wins and loses the Rugby World Cup? and is emblazoned on the shirts of all our national sporting winners and losers? What characteristics make us as New Zealanders unique? Let's find out what we all have in common, what distinguishes our brand against all others and for all our sakes let's never again be swallowed and used by selfish interests both here and overseas.

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It's time to change our flag

This site is intended to stimulate debate about the New Zealand Flag. We want all New Zealanders to ask whether the current flag represents our country as we see ourselves today? Can we improve it? Does it portray the image we want to give of New Zealand internationally? Most importantly, does it inspire us?

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